Betrayed by God? Shana Schutte Tonight!

February 22, 2010

Have you ever felt betrayed by God? I know there was I time that I felt God owed me an explanation for how my life turned out. How dare the “God of Love” allow ME His daughter to go through so much pain. Well, I soon realized that God didn’t choose for me to go through what I endured, but he did give me the “free will” to make choices in my life. Some of those “choices” I paid dearly for.  Now from a hind-site view  I can see how God in his perfectness was able to orchestrate even my poor decisions to bring him glory. I’m sure many of you can relate!

Well, for those of you living locally in Colorado Springs. I invite you to join me tonight at a free seminar with author and speaker Shana Schutte as she shares about her upcoming book titled “Betrayed by God, Making Sense of your expectations”

Come and hear author and speaker, Shana Schutte, share about her new book, “Betrayed by God? Making Sense of Your Expectations.”
Also experience “Extraordinary Encouragement” with motivational speaker, Shari Martin. You can turn the ordinary into extraordinary encouragement for daily life!

7 :00 p.m., Monday, February 22nd at Mountain View Wesleyan Church,
3445 Oro Blanco Dr., Colo. Springs, CO 80917.

Filming for this event will begin promptly at 7:00; please arrive and be in your seat no later than 6:45 p.m.

Download the event poster!



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